CATO wins again!

Crystal Maze photo - offical.jpg

We like to be well ahead of the game here at CATO. So our summer team celebration (on a rainy Friday in London ) started in earnest with the team fully embracing the challenge of London’s Crystal Maze. Now for those of you young enough not to have a clue what this is, head back with us to the ‘90s - to the era of ‘the Rachel haircut’, TFI Friday, Oasis, shouting ‘lager, lager, lager’ and ‘gladiators ready!’.... you get the gist. The Crystal Maze - inspiration of the genius of Richard O’Brian - has been recreated in an old casino off Shaftesbury Avenue. And we were out to win.

12 challenges completed, 9 crystals won - not a bad hit rate [about the same as CATO’s new business win rate ;-) ]. Our challenges ranged from physical in the futurist, to skill in the mediaeval section to actually going mental in the industrial section. And the team nailed it (with a few exceptions...Mark and Elly ahem...). Captain Keith kept us on the straight and narrow and the team whooped and laughed (mainly at each other) for a good 2 hours.

Thoroughly refreshed, we hit the office this week raring to go and keen to keep the energy up for our clients.

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