Marika Mierzejewska

Project manager with a difference. Equipped with all the usual project management skills, detailed knowledge of building, speaks both the language and the lingo. Owns a bicycle for every occasion, constant traveller. Ruthlessly efficient. 


Khrystyna Panova

Ukrainian born, raised in Ecuador. Multilingual. Figure skater. Joined CATO Creative in 2015 as an Interior Architect. Our head designer with a portfolio currently including a Grade II Listed Hotel renovation. Likes IPA, gin and bright, bright neon colours. Driven by detail. 


Jessica Plater

Second year interior design university student working towards their degree while working in an industry environment. Coordinates our design reporting, manages our design library and produces brilliant layouts for our projects. 


Mark Barratt

Award-winning architectural designer, our creative director and founder. Northerner. FA accredited goalkeeper coach. 


Lynn Haddad

Lebanese-French born, raised in Lebanon, relocated to London to study Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Develops our concepts and details. Interested in psychology, history, people and space. Terrible at bowling. Talented.


Bradley Hannaford

Chartered accountant. Finance manager. Amateur boxer and martial arts specialist. Builds furniture and sheds from pallets. Doesn’t wear a waist coat when he’s dressing down. Smart, diligent and funny. 


Amy Montgomery

Neatly segued from professional musicianship to pet sitting and property management before joining CATO creative to manage our project procurement and suppliers. Part of the original team. Over 5 million hits on YouTube. Action orientated. Loves a list of things to do. 

IMG_2579 (1).jpeg

Caroline Kitchiner

Camera shy operating officer. Organised, diligent and delivery focused. The keeper of our processes, way of working and project finances. Experienced cabinet finisher. Makes shepherds huts and runs the best hideaway in the UK.



Honorary chair person and all round fat cat. The reason behind our name, this keeper of calm takes his name from the mispronunciation of Vasco. Legend.